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Grownups, your body is changing: vaginal dryness

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Even before menopause women can have problems with vaginal dryness. Some issues, like common medicines, are easily managed, others call for more treatment. Dr. Carolyn Eaton, a family medicine doctor, talks about how to keep the vagina a healthy, happy place (hint: don’t douche).  

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It’s Not Too Late To Get The Flu Shot

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Yes, we’re still in the flu season, which typically runs from October to the end of May. Many people assume it’s too late to get a flu shot. That’s not true. Health professionals urge you to get the flu vaccine. According to preliminary estimates based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention weekly influenza surveillance reports, data indicates some attention getting numbers for the U.S population. The flu can be deadly The CDC estimates from October 1, 2018 – March 2, 2019 22.8 to 26.3 million flu illnesses 289,000 to 347,000 flu hospitalizations 18,900 to 31,200 flu deaths Flu …Read More >

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Sounds Healthy Podcast

Grownups, your body is changing – the podcast

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We’re excited to introduce our new podcast, Sounds Healthy, where University Health System experts explain healthy living, and the best care for body and mind. Our first several will be led by Dr. Carolyn Eaton, a family medicine doctor, who talks “adult sex ed” – how a healthy sex life is part of a healthy adulthood – and  discusses the most common sexual health questions she gets from her patients in their 40s, 50s, 60s and up.

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Avoid scootering into the emergency room

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San Antonio and other cities across the country are currently experiencing the Wild West of e-scooters. The two-wheeled alternative transports that landed in American cities in great numbers last year, exciting some and irritating others, have brought with them impassioned discussion about mobility, urban design, regulation – and safety. They’ve also meant quite a few new injuries coming into San Antonio emergency departments. First responders and healthcare organizations across the country are struggling to quantify this new group of injuries – there’s not currently a standardized code for e-scooter accidents – but there’s no doubt the numbers are going up. …Read More >

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Shelley Kofler and Dahlia Gomez are sitting at a table having a discussion

Is IV therapy a good way to get your vitamins?

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Do you get better nutrition if vitamins and nutrients are injected directly into your bloodstream, or by eating a healthy diet? Dahlia Gomez, a registered dietician with University Health System, recently weighed in on that during a television news report about IV therapy. It’s a popular trend for combating hangovers or fatigue by injecting supplements through a needle directly into a vein. University Health System’s Shelley Kofler talked further with Gomez about the nutrition implications on Facebook Live. Here are some excerpts: Kofler: One of the things (IV Therapy) promoters will tell you is that if you put (nutrients) directly …Read More >