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Marking the end of treatment in a big way

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Chemotherapy is an ordeal for anyone — especially a kid. Damon Billeck knows that for a fact. The 12-year-old developed a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer about a year ago that eventually cost him his arm. But Damon was determined not just to live life as a normal kid, but to be an advocate for all kids going through the same ordeal. Knowing that the end of a long course of treatment is a moment worth celebrating, Damon wanted to make it a real celebration for kids at University Hospital. He approached the San Antonio Fire Department and …Read More >

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Bridging the gap between young and old

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In this youth-obsessed culture, it’s not too surprising that some young people view older people with disdain. The problem, some researchers say, is when that “ageism” results in negative discrimination, or if younger people develop an unhealthy fear of getting older themselves. Or worse, when older people are exposed to negative stereotypes about aging — and even come to accept them as true — their health and memory can worsen. Some studies have found it can even shorten their life expectancy. A newly published study by researchers across the country, including one with the Health Collaborative in San Antonio, examined …Read More >

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kid medicine

Keeping kids safe from medication poisoning

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Checked your medicine cabinet lately? There’s a good chance it’s stuffed with medicines. In fact, there are more medicines in homes across America than ever before — raising the risk that some of it might fall into the hands of children. More than 59,000 kids across the country were treated in emergency rooms in 2013 — many of them because they got their hands on medicines while parents or other caregivers weren’t watching, especially among kids age 5 and younger. The problem is compounded by the fact that more children are living or spending time with grandparents — who tend …Read More >

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UHS_flu shot

Are the kids ready for school?

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It’s almost time for the new school year to begin. For a lot of families, that means earlier bedtimes, a checklist of school supplies and the promise of a longer commute during rush hour. Don’t forget the immunizations. Most local schools and school districts have a firm policy about making sure kids are up-to-date on their vaccines before they can return to school. University Health System clinics are preparing for the back-to-school rush and are accepting appointments.   We’ll be holding Back to School Health Stop events from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on two Fridays, August 12 and 19 at the Texas Diabetes Institute, 701 …Read More >

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Kevin Saunders

Restoring a photographer’s steady hand

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San Antonio photographer Kevin Saunders had just completed the most ambitious project of his career — a series of images called “Turning Point” that captured San Antonio’s five missions at the time of their induction as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Saunders work involves finely detailed images that can be reproduced in sizes as large as 50 feet long but with remarkable clarity. His equipment is complex —and definitely requires two hands. That need for two hands was tested as he pulled out of his studio in the Blue Star complex just south of downtown in early May. “I was …Read More >

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