Female doctor gets patient ready for mammography in front of mammography machine

Why 3D mammograms matter

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If you’re a woman age 40 or older, you probably don’t look forward to the discomfort of your annual mammogram. You may even skip them due to the pain—and risk a tumor going undetected. A better view With the new Hologic 3D mammography technology, University Health System patients will have some relief from the dreaded breast compression—along with earlier, more accurate cancer detection. FDA-approved just this past February, this technology has been installed and is available for patients, said Chris Vineyard, the executive director of radiology services. University Health System is the first to offer this technology in San Antonio. …Read More >

Older couple are reviewing paperwork and on the computer

Make retirement last

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The average couple will spend $280,000 in healthcare costs if they retire at age 65 — a staggering number for those looking forward to their golden years. So what can you do to help prepare yourself? How can you be ready for any unexpected health care costs during retirement? What can I do to reduce my retirement healthcare costs? Anyone looking towards retirement may have anxiety. You might have questions about your health and finances— no matter what your age. And while there are many things that must be considered when planning for retirement, your health is something that can’t …Read More >

Group of coworkers are eating a healthy lunch together.

Staying healthy on the job

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Staying healthy while working in an office can be a challenge. Here are a few things you can do to remain active and fit in the workplace. How can I stay active while at the office? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the average adult gets 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise each week- a feat most Americans find hard to achieve, especially if they work a desk job. “A study recently found that even if you go to the gym regularly, it isn’t enough to counteract the health risks causes by a sedentary job,” said Katherine …Read More >

Elderly woman and caregiver

Concerning the caregiver

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If you’re not a caregiver yet, there’s a pretty good chance you might be eventually. Whether it’s caring for an aging parent or spouse, or perhaps a special-needs child, the number of caregivers is growing as the population ages. Caregivers do incredibly important work, often sacrificing their own needs in the process. It can be stressful, requiring a commitment of time and energy that generally comes with sacrifice. Experts recommend finding time to take care of yourself, even if it means getting help. You think you know about caregiving? Take this quiz from University Health System’s Health Library and test …Read More >

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Woman looks in medicine cabinet for medication

Evacuate smart

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Hurricane Harvey taught South Texans that when you evacuate, you have very little time to grab needed items and go. We think we will remember clothing, personal papers, computers and family photos. But will you remember your prescriptions and medical records? Evacuate with the prescription Ida Duran, RN, a nurse educator at University Health System and a Harvey evacuation shelter volunteer, recalled, “We had a woman who came in requesting prescriptions for her medications. In a rush to evacuate, she left her home without any of her medications. She was able to tell the provider what the medications were for, …Read More >

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