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An elderly man prepares to put a hearing aid into his ear as he stands outside

Communicating with hearing loss

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Hearing aids have the ability to significantly enhance someone’squality of life. However, many people think that hearing aids can fix a hearing loss. Unfortunately, this is not true. Hearing aids are just that — they aid in the improvement of hearing, but they do not restore normal hearing. When speaking to someone who has a hearing loss and/or wears hearing aids, you should be mindful of their listening needs. At the same time, the person with hearing loss should be mindful of their own listening needs to communicate effectively. Here are some tips for both sides of the conversation to minimize repetition …Read More >

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A woman with short hair and red lips puts her hands on her temples against an isolated background

Tuning out tinnitus

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Ringing, buzzing, chirping and humming. No, I’m not describing things that fly. These are in fact common descriptions of sounds heard by patients suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus is the subjective (heard by the patient only) perception of sound in the absence of a sound source. Rarely, tinnitus can also be described as objective (heard by others as well).Tinnitus is an incredibly frustrating and distracting symptom caused by a multitude of causes, one that affects some 30 million Americans. Common sources of tinnitus include: Hearing loss as a result of aging and/or genetics. History of exposure to loud sounds (e.g., heavy …Read More >

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A hand holds a small hearing aid against a lime green background

High-tech help for hearing

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What do cell phones, TV’s, and hearing aids have in common? They are all getting smaller and smarter with new advances every year. Gone are the days of oversized hearing aids. Say hello to small, sleek devices that are often virtually unnoticeable. Not only have hearings aids taken a giant leap in appearance, but they have also made major progress on the inside as well. Think back at how different your cell phone is today compared to the cell phone in your pocket 10 years ago. Hearing aids have made the same progress into today’s wireless world of endless possibilities. …Read More >

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A layered and iridescent shell swirls into itself

Hearing the sound of birds again

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Few medical advances are important enough to get their own day. But International Cochlear Implant Day is celebrated Feb. 25, and it’s worth taking a minute to understand why many people feel this technology is worthy of all the attention. A cochlear implant is a surgical device that provides babies and adults who are deaf or no longer benefit from hearing aids the ability to hear sounds and, over time, the possibility to understand speech.  Everyone has a different experience with cochlear implants.  Some won’t benefit at all, some will only hear environmental sounds and for many others it’s a …Read More >

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Blurry bikers speed down a spiraled track

Diagnosing dizziness

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Have you ever felt dizzy? Chances are you have. More than a third of all Americans 40 and older — some 69 million people — have reported feeling dizzy at some point. Older people are even more prone to feeling dizzy. So what is dizziness? It’s a sensation of feeling off-balance or unsteady, a sensation of swaying or rocking. Sometimes it’s a heavy or foggy feeling. Vertigo is a type of dizziness. It’s the sensation that the world is spinning around you. Vertigo always comes and goes, whereas, in some people, dizziness can be a constant sensation. Dizziness, of course, …Read More >

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An up close view of a little boy's ear and cheekbone

A helping hand for your hearing

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“Can you hear me now? Good!” No, this isn’t an ad for a cell phone company.  It’s a glimpse into the life of an audiologist. October is Audiology Awareness Month, and lots of people don’t know all the ways we can help. As an introduction, audiologists are medical professionals who specialize in evaluating people with hearing loss, as well as various vestibular — or balance — disorders. Audiologists also provide non-medical treatment options through hearing aids, cochlear implants, bone-anchored-hearing-aids and other assistive devices.  Audiologists help promote hearing conservation, and can make custom hearing protection and other recreational devices. Audiologists hold …Read More >

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A tuba player in the band plays his instrument at a football game

Marching band?  Don’t forget the earplugs

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Is your teenager headed to marching band practice? In addition to bottled water and sunscreen, you might also want to send them off with hearing protection. Exposure to loud sounds can cause permanent hearing loss, depending on the loudness and the duration of the sound, as well as the presence of sudden bursts of extremely loud sound — a cymbal crash, for instance. The louder the sound, the shorter amount of time our ears can safely be exposed to it. Etymotic Research found that the typical marching band produces 100 dB of sound. Band students may reach their daily dose …Read More >

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