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Man leaning over with back pain

Your aching back

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Your back. It’s important for almost every movement you make throughout the day. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that fact of anatomy until something goes wrong and they suffer a back injury. Then they wish they could roll back the clock and take their back for granted again. Usually, backs get better after they’re hurt. And even more importantly, there are steps you can take to prevent that injury in the first place. For people younger than 45, back pain is the most common cause of disability. Many things can cause that pain. Poor muscle tone and being overweight or obese …Read More >

A woman lays on a table as a male doctor makes adjustments to her back to help with her physical therapy

Physical therapy on demand?

Walk-in urgent care centers such as University Health System’s ExpressMed clinics are increasingly popular, accommodating the hectic schedules of busy families. But walk-in physical therapy? While instant access to physical therapy is unusual today, the results of a year-long study found it might be worth a broader look. The study, involving patients seen at the ExpressMed clinic on the Robert B. Green Campus, found that putting appropriate patients  with a therapist immediately — or within three days at the most — led to fewer treatments, fewer tests and more patient satisfaction. Overall, the medical charges for those patients came to …Read More >

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