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Health in the headlines

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Need to catch up on the latest health news? We’ve gathered the highlights for you. Here’s a reason to celebrate: chocolate may be good for the heart. Here’s a reason not to celebrate too much: A new study says just one alcoholic drink a day increases the risk of breast cancer. Traveling abroad this summer? Here are some tips for a safe and healthy journey.  And if you’re trying to watch your waistline, you might want to take the “calories burned” reading on your fitness tracker with a grain of salt. Why chocolate may be good for the heart — …Read More >

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Navigating breast cancer treatment

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After a diagnosis of breast cancer, fast access to appropriate treatment can boost the odds of success. But that can be difficult for some women. A new national study that included University Health System patients found that women linked to patient navigators — health workers who counsel and guide them —were more likely to receive anti-cancer drugs. “The main goal with navigation is to help women who normally would get lost to follow up or who would not stay in care overcome those barriers that prevent them from getting diagnostic testing and then optimal treatment,” said Dr. Donald Dudley, retired professor …Read More >

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