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Colorful, abstract art of spheres and circles with unique patterns

Healing with art

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The idea was that art can promote healing and hope. And when University Health System made the decision to incorporate art into every facet of the new million-square-foot Sky Tower at University Hospital, and the expansion of the historic Robert B. Green Campus downtown, they brought in San Antonio curator Allison Hays Lane to lead a committee of staff, members of the Board of Managers, community leaders and art professionals to pick more than 1,500 original works of art and design enhancements from artists around the globe. The Salud-Arte: Art of Healing program has generated both praise and awe, transforming the …Read More >

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Four doctors race a man on a gurney to the nearest operating room for an emergency

For the sickest patients, chances of dying lowest at the busiest ERs

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The conventional wisdom holds that if you’re suffering from a medical emergency, you should get to the closest hospital as quickly as possible. But a new study is raising questions about that wisdom. An analysis of 17.5 million very sick patients admitted to hospitals across the country found that those who went to the busiest emergency departments had a 10 percent lower risk of dying from eight high-risk conditions, compared to those who went to the least busy. For some serious, life-threatening conditions, the differences were even greater. Sepsis patients had a 26 percent lower death rate at the busiest …Read More >

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A doctor uses AccuVein on a patient to locate their veins accurately

A viewfinder for veins

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It’s an unavoidable part of almost any hospital stay — having blood drawn or an IV line inserted. The process becomes a little more complicated when the nurse has trouble locating a vein. But a handheld device is making that search a little easier, allowing nurses and phlebotomists to view the blood vessels deep beneath the patient’s skin. The AccuVein device shines a small, square patch of crimson light on the skin. The technology takes advantage of the fact that the hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared light. Within the red square, a highway map of veins appears almost black and …Read More >

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A heart monitor records data while an out of focus nurse helps a patient

I’m an ER doc

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Over the past year, the first 10 doctors in our inaugural emergency medicine residency program have been hard at work in University Hospital’s Emergency Department, developing new skills and perfecting old ones. I couldn’t be more pleased with them. When they leave here, they’ll make top notch ER docs — one of the most in-demand specialties in medicine. I really like the term ER doc. There’s kind of a debate about this in our profession, but about half of us insist on being called emergency medicine physicians. They tend to be the academic types. But I prefer the term ER …Read More >

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