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Knocked down scooter on the sidewalk. There is a white van in the background.

Avoid scootering into the emergency room

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San Antonio and other cities across the country are currently experiencing the Wild West of e-scooters. The two-wheeled alternative transports that landed in American cities in great numbers last year, exciting some and irritating others, have brought with them impassioned discussion about mobility, urban design, regulation – and safety. They’ve also meant quite a few new injuries coming into San Antonio emergency departments. First responders and healthcare organizations across the country are struggling to quantify this new group of injuries – there’s not currently a standardized code for e-scooter accidents – but there’s no doubt the numbers are going up. …Read More >

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A person rides on a hoverboard for a news report

Hoverboards pose a risk

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If a young person on your Christmas shopping list wants a hoverboard, ignore the pleas and find a safer alternative, said Dr. Lilian Liao, director of pediatric trauma and burns at University Hospital. Retailers are increasingly pulling the item off their shelves for safety concerns, including reports of fires, explosions and trips to the emergency room. Lithium-ion batteries that power the devices appear to be the source of the fires. Airlines have banned the devices, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating them. The term hoverboard is misleading; these devices don’t float above the ground — like in the …Read More >

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