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Alma Arellano, 1, who received a living donor liver transplant at University Hospital

A selfless act for a gravely ill child

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Six weeks after she was born, Alma Arellano of Brownsville was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a serious liver disorder in which the bile ducts aren’t working properly. Within days, she underwent surgery at University Hospital to restore the flow of bile from her liver. While the ducts were repaired, Alma developed a series of infections that eventually caused her liver to fail. And because of her tiny size, it proved difficult to find a size-matched deceased donor liver to transplant into her. “She was literally slipping away from us,” said Dr. Francisco Cigarroa, the Carlos and Malú Alvarez University Distinguished …Read More >

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Three little boys wear matching striped shirts as they hold hands and run forward

A wish come true

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You might remember when we introduced you to Matthew Parker, a 6-year-old who has suffered from kidney disease for most of his young life. The other interesting thing about Matthew? He’s a triplet, inseparable from brothers Mark and Samuel. When Matthew’s kidneys stopped working altogether, he was placed on dialysis — a process that artificially does the work of kidneys by filtering the blood of toxins. Doctors at University Transplant Center also placed him on the transplant list. He got his new kidney at the age of 2. Unfortunately, Matthew’s body began rejecting the new kidney after a couple of years. …Read More >

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