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Woman stressed during the holidays

Tips to manage holiday stress

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The holiday season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be stressful sometimes. It often brings extra social and financial obligations; a breakdown of healthy eating and exercise habits; and can leave you feeling lonely or depressed. A recent study by the American Academy of Neurology found a correlation between impaired memory and stress. Middle-aged adults with higher levels of cortisol—a hormone linked to stress—performed worse on memory and other cognitive tasks than peers of the same age with average cortisol levels. “The faster pace of life today probably means more stress, and when …Read More >

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A young and troubled boy leans against a rusty bridge with his head in his hands

Beyond the battlefield — PTSD can strike anyone

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Post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t just a wartime phenomenon. The leading cause, experts say, is motor vehicle accidents — which can happen to anyone. Symptoms, which usually begin within three months of a traumatic event but can surface years later in some cases, can interfere with the normal activities of life. Symptoms can include flashbacks, nightmares, avoiding reminders or feelings of the traumatic event, difficulty sleeping, angry outbursts, negative thoughts and loss of interest enjoyable activities. Dr. Christopher Wallace, a psychiatrist with University Medicine Associates — University Health System’s nonprofit physician practice group — said the faster someone can get help, …Read More >

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A snowman in a red scarf is carved into wood for Christmas

Having a stress-free holiday

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Not everyone looks forward to the holidays with the same joy and anticipation we shared as kids. For some, the demands and responsibilities of the season — be they shopping, baking, entertaining, travel or family time — can feel overwhelming. But there are ways to control stress and maintain your equilibrium during the holiday season, experts say. The first step is trying to manage expectations. Dr. Sally Taylor, senior vice president and chief of behavioral medicine at University Health System, offers these two pieces of holiday advice: “Give yourself a break and keep it simple.” Your holiday to-do list might seem endless, and …Read More >

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