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Hard to swallow?

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We all take swallowing for granted — until something happens that makes it difficult. Usually the problem isn’t serious. Maybe you’re dehydrated, or you’ve eaten too quickly. Sometimes gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, affects the esophagus. Certain medicines, allergies and illnesses also can interfere with swallowing. In rare cases, swallowing problems are caused by a serious illness such as a stroke or Parkinson disease. If the problem doesn’t clear up quickly, or if food sticks in your throat — or if swallowing causes choking or difficulty breathing — you should see your healthcare provider. You might first try eating more …Read More >

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An old school vintage coffee mug filled with black coffee

Coffee with a clear conscience

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That coffee habit of yours? It’s probably good for you — minus the sugar, the milk, the whipped cream and the high-calorie flavor shots. That’s the view of the federal nutrition advisory panel, which recently released its updated recommendations on what people should and shouldn’t eat and drink. And while most of the headlines focused on the panel’s findings that people should consume less sugar, it also devoted some attention to the fact that drinking three to five cups a day is not only unlikely to hurt you, it’s also associated with a lower mortality risk and appears to be protective against …Read More >

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