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Pharmacist stocking over-the-counter medicines

OTC meds and work: A bad combination?

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You can buy over-the-counter medicines without a prescription, so they must be harmless — right? Not necessarily. Particularly if you’re in a job that requires you to be alert and focused. Some common over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can cause serious side effects. Some of these side effects can be felt or sensed by you, but not by others. Those you can usually feel are: Dizziness Drowsiness Double vision Headache Vertigo Those you may not feel are: Confusion Depression Slow reactions Any of these side effects can weaken or change your perception, attention, and judgment. Consider your workplace The type of work you do …Read More >

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A doctor pushes the medicine in a syringe into a small tube

Fine-tuning a treatment for hearts

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Sudden cardiac arrest is unfortunately common and often deadly — bringing many people to hospital emergency rooms. Among the challenges of treating them is the fact that the malfunctioning heart can’t properly send enough blood to the brain and other organs and tissues throughout the body, causing further damage. Doctors have long used epinephrine, which causes blood vessels to constrict and squeeze more blood through the circulatory system to where it’s needed. One problem is that many cardiac arrest patients suffer a build-up of acid in their bodies when their hearts aren’t functioning properly over time — a condition called …Read More >

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