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Woman and girl outside sneezing from allergies

The problem with Spring

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Spring has sprung. Step outside, and lawns and shrubs and trees are rousing themselves from a long winter’s nap and turning vivid shades of green. Beautiful, isn’t it? Well, yes — except for all that spring pollen circulating in the air as part of nature’s cycle of life. Here in South Texas, we barely get a reprieve from the mountain cedar that plagues us through the winter months. Now comes spring allergy season with trees, grasses and weeds casting off pollen for us to breath and sneeze While oak pollen is a particular problem in South Texas, there are other …Read More >

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A newborn baby sleeps on his father's chest while they are wrapped in a soft blanket

Air filters, dehumidifiers and humidifiers

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Technology can make the air in your home a lot healthier. But it can be a little confusing trying to decide which devices you and your family might need. Each one works differently to clear and change the air we breathe. Here’s a quick guide: Air filters — pull mold, pollen, dust mites and other particulates out of household air. The best systems use HEPA filters that trap the particles. Dehumidifiers — remove moisture from the air, curbing the growth of mold and dust mites. These work well in certain parts of the house where humidity collects. Humidifiers — work …Read More >

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Up close view of cedar tree branches with little violet berries

Surviving mountain cedar

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It’s the airborne Ebenezer Scrooge that arrives in South Texas in time for Christmas each year, making noses run, eyes itch and tempers flare. You might know it by its common name, mountain cedar pollen— although the trees that cast it off in ridiculously large amounts are actually Ashe junipers. “People who aren’t from here, when they see this stuff layered on cars they’re concerned it’s smog or pollution,” said Dr. Jesus R. Guajardo, associate professor of pediatrics at the UT Health Science Center, who is board certified in both allergy and immunology, and pediatric pulmonology. “They don’t realize that …Read More >

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