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Elderly woman and caregiver

Concerning the caregiver

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If you’re not a caregiver yet, there’s a pretty good chance you might be eventually. Whether it’s caring for an aging parent or spouse, or perhaps a special-needs child, the number of caregivers is growing as the population ages. Caregivers do incredibly important work, often sacrificing their own needs in the process. It can be stressful, requiring a commitment of time and energy that generally comes with sacrifice. Experts recommend finding time to take care of yourself, even if it means getting help. You think you know about caregiving? Take this quiz from University Health System’s Health Library and test …Read More >

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A man in a plaid shirt frowns as steam comes out of his ears on an isolated background

Tamping down a hot temper

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We’ve all felt it — an anger that begins to bubble up inside us during an argument, after a broken promise, or maybe as a result of someone’s rude or thoughtless words or actions. The problem is if anger occurs frequently or intensifies into rage. In those cases, experts say, you might take a few deep breaths and consider a few tips to keep that temper under control. Otherwise, you could be damaging your health. Is it an underlying illness? Frequent feelings of aggression might stem from post-traumatic stress disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, or some other illness. If you suspect that …Read More >

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A snowman in a red scarf is carved into wood for Christmas

Having a stress-free holiday

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Not everyone looks forward to the holidays with the same joy and anticipation we shared as kids. For some, the demands and responsibilities of the season — be they shopping, baking, entertaining, travel or family time — can feel overwhelming. But there are ways to control stress and maintain your equilibrium during the holiday season, experts say. The first step is trying to manage expectations. Dr. Sally Taylor, senior vice president and chief of behavioral medicine at University Health System, offers these two pieces of holiday advice: “Give yourself a break and keep it simple.” Your holiday to-do list might seem endless, and …Read More >

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